It is safe to say that Teslan is the mightiest inventor that Monstru has ever seen (aside from perhaps Mig Nola, who is not mentioned in any modern books on the subject.) He is said to have invented “Electromajic Power Cell Technology” and created a number of devices utilizing the wondrous power source:

  • Teslan Power Cell
  • Telsan Torch
  • Teslan Electro-wrench
  • Teslan Electro-spade
  • Teslan Electro-drill
  • Teslan Magnum (Now unlegal)
  • Teslan Dentistry Chair
  • Teslan Soul Cage
  • Oni Mark CrowBot (Cell powered.)
Electromajik power allows for extreme bursts of energy, allowing weapons to become electromajified. (Electric.) Teslan power adds a shocking damage to any weapon, which puts off a green hue glow.
Teslan Cell Powered  - This weapon is powered by the powerful and volatile Teslan cell technology. A weapon with this gift has a +2 Offensive Damage Factor. A Teslan powered weapon also must have the Volatile Fault.

Teslan’s products are marketed and released through Oni Industries, who have also taken the time to Authority Patent all of his works. These innovations have made Oni Industries immensely successful, largely due to Teslan Torch (consumer) and power cells (Industrial) sales.

Teslan mysteriously disappeared at the age of 36, after a massive explosion and fire at the Teslan Towers. (Formally the “Oni Academy”.)

Certainly his inventions will continue to make waves, even years after his mysterious demise. Today, Teslan is a well-respected and liked brand. (Most folks don’t realize that Teslan was once a real person.)

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