Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 It is safe to say that Teslan is the mightiest inventor that Monstru has ever seen (aside from perhaps Mig Nola, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 who is not mentioned in any modern books on the subject.) He is said to have invented “Electromajic Power Cell Technology” and created a number of devices utilizing the wondrous power source:

  • Teslan Power Cell
  • Telsan Torch
  • Teslan Electro-wrench
  • Teslan Electro-spade
  • Teslan Electro-drill
  • Teslan Magnum (Now unlegal)
  • Teslan Dentistry Chair
  • Teslan Soul Cage
  • Oni Mark CrowBot (Cell powered.)
Electromajik power allows for extreme bursts of energy, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 allowing weapons to become electromajified. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 (Electric.) Teslan power adds a shocking damage to any weapon, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 which puts off a green hue glow.
Teslan Cell Powered  – This weapon is powered by the powerful and volatile Teslan cell technology. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 A weapon with this gift has a +2 Offensive Damage Factor. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 A Teslan powered weapon also must have the Volatile Fault.

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Teslan’s products are marketed and released through Oni Industries, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 who have also taken the time to Authority Patent all of his works. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 These innovations have made Oni Industries immensely successful, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 largely due to Teslan Torch (consumer) and power cells (Industrial) sales.

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Teslan mysteriously disappeared at the age of 36, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 after a massive explosion and fire at the Teslan Towers. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 (Formally the “Oni Academy”.)

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Certainly his inventions will continue to make waves, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 even years after his mysterious demise. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Today, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Teslan is a well-respected and liked brand. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 (Most folks don’t realize that Teslan was once a real person.)

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Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 4 years after Teslan’s rift with Toni Oni, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 and his subsequent burnout, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Teslan went on to create a new noir-market factory called reVolt.

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 reVolt, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 backed by several wealthy Factory Rebellion supporters, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 continues to develop the Cell Technology and creates a variety of unLegal weapons for Monsters, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 based on ancient weapon designs from the Mighty War.

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Teslan’s hope is that monsters will have a chance to fight back against the AUTHORITY. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 While Teslan is still blind, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 and still somewhat unsane, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 he is yet capable of incredible inventions and continues to expand his Cell Technology applications to axes, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 hammers, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 mauls and various weapons.

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Aside from giving off an orange glow, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 reVolt Cells are pretty much identical to Teslan Cell tech, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 with all of the flaws and electrical powers of the “original.”

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 The Sick Truth

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Both Teslan and reVolt cells utilize the life force of creatures (SPIRIT) to charge the cells. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 This is accomplished by extracting the SPIRIT though a Crux Engine, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 a huge device with a pressurized chamber and a slew of pipes, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 gauges and wires operated by a skilled Warlock. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 At this time only 3 such engines exist. Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 (2 in Oni Industry hands, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 1 in reVolt.)

Cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Daemons, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Haunts, cialis 20mg pills $88.00 Crones make the best victims for the Crux Engine; Trolla and goblins are the worst.

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