Yes, Steam Crow will be making our 6th appearance at WonderCon 2011!

It should be another great show, and you’ll find us way up in the front next to Studio Foglio, of Girl Genius. (Yay)

Our booth number is #604, though I have no idea if anybody really uses these things to find us. Just look for the new cream and brown striped header to our booth… you’ll find us!

KlawBerry wooden badge

KlawBerry wooden badge

We’ve got a whole host of new things to show you… new prints from our Classic Monsters line, some vintage-feeling wooden badges for your hat/lady/shirt/cat, and more stuff! Heck, this stuff is so fresh we’ve not even had time to photograph any of it. You’ll just have to come by and see it in person, Patriot.

Here’s that map as a pdf: steamcrow_wondercon_map

Ye Olde WonderCon facts:

  • Steam Crow Press’ first convention ever was WonderCon 2006. (Doing the math right now.)
  • Our first display was pretty lackluster. (See photo below.) Our banner was laminated… and SHINY!
  • After year one, we changed our name to “Steam Crow LLC” because we realized that we wanted to do more than be a press.
  • We once had one of our fans rush us to the airport after the con; we stowed our trunk on top of her old VW bug. We made it, barely.
  • Our all time book selling record was made in WonderCon. Yep, it’s true. (Back in the days when we told every single person who came to our table about our book. Now, we do too much to do that!)
  • Once we took a shuttle and the driver kept falling asleep at the wheel. He’d wake up and stomp on the break in a panic. Wasn’t very fun. I could see his eyes, and I kept coughing every-time he fell asleep. We were relieved to exit the shuttle, let me tell you.

So, if you’re anywhere near San Francisco, consider this a geas to get you to come see us!

Patriots OUT!

– Daniel

Steam Crow's first booth at WonderConDaniel considers the use of vertical product displays.