Here are some poisons of MONSTRU that I’ve been making. The sign reads “Poisonous Gifts.”

Each bottle is a little different, each one unique.

There are 20 different designs available:

  • Venom
  • Poison #6
  • It Bites
  • Danger (dead bird)
  • Troll Kill
  • Vampire Romance Elixer
  • Antidote (with dead rat)
  • Vengence (Misspelled w/ Satan bicyclist)
  • Industrial Goblin Poison
  • Authority Approved brand Nitric Acid Poison
  • Guaranteed Troll Poison
  • Caution: Doom
  • Manling Poison
  • Death to Unicorn
  • Lycan Night Brew (Poisonous to manlings)
  • Pork in a bottle (refreshing road treat)
  • Goblin Love Tonic
  • Dwarven Spirits
  • Death for Hobbit (For those who hate halflings)
  • Yeti Cologne (For Men)

I’m the kind of game master (for pen and paper RPGs) who likes to make props and player handouts. This is an example of the kind of thing that I like to do.

I’m pretty proud of the display, which I made, featuring a hand painted sign. (“Spared no expense.”)

I did a many step process to get the bottles looking nice and old and crusty… basically, acrylic washes and a mod podge protective coat. They really contain no poison, but it’s fun to pretend. I swear that several of the bottles look as if they’re leeching arsenic. (Though they’re harmless unless you eat one. Don’t do that.)

The bottles have a gentle matte sheen, which is foiled in these photos by the epic Arizona sun. They look crusty and superb, IMHO.

And yeah, we’ll be selling these at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, for $5.00 each. There are only 5 of each design available, which you may find at the Steam Crow booth #4207.

– Daniel