So, Monster Commute was named as a finalist to the first annual Phoenix New Times Big Brain Awards.

Apparently there were 150 submissions, and we’ve somehow found ourselves in the top 3 in the Online Media category. (Yay!) While it’s certain that we do not have “craniums of unusual size” we do pride ourselves on working hard and attempting to foster some creativity here in the valley. In truth, there would be no Monster Commute had it not been for us living here in Phoenix traffic.

This is an honor for us as we’ve been putting out comics (over 400 so far) on a 5 a week basis, and we’ve put a lot of effort into helping build a community of artists here in PHX with our TINY ARMY group.

While I won’t be able to make the celebration this Saturday night, my partner/wife Dawna will be on hand to talk about what we do. Feel free to ask her for a card, while you’re at it.

Photo: Jamie Peachey

While it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll win (we’re up against the popular Light Rail Blogger and folks), we’re still thrilled to have been recognized for doing something creative here.

Without sounding too swarmy or New Agey here, the benefit hereĀ  isn’t in the winning, but in the meeting of new creative folks and maybe being recognized to be a member of the local Creative Class.

And heck, it’s just more proof that your support of us is working.

– Daniel