Parking, when you can find it, can be a rather difficult thing in Monstru.

First off, all “public” street parking utilize Authority Parking Meters.

They’re huge, they’re made from cast iron, and they take parking tokens.

It’s been well over 80 years since any tokens have been minted, so it “can” be difficult to find any to use. (But not always. Go on an adventure or two, and parking tokens can be found pretty easily.)

Most Meters have a “trap” that will fling, toss, or smash the car if the parking fee has not been paid. Luckily, they malfunction quite often, so one’s vehicle isn’t always at risk. (Just look at the oil stains in front of the meter. Are they excessive?)

Some vehicles have been in “long term” metered parking (with malfunctioning meters) for decades. The steamcar may no longer operate, and folks have taken up home here. This is quite a boon, because most folks do not have the opportunity to stay put. (And the parking is free.)

Meter Maidens

Meter Maidens are special mechanical officers that oversee Meters, provide maintenance goblins, and collect tokens. They are usually rather bitter, lazy and dangerous. Luckily they can also be bribed, for about $300 CrowBucks.


In short, parking is hard to find, but it can be found. Keep a sack full of tokens (found from some Underdeep adventure) and do not piss off the Meter Maidens.