Monstru is a “dieselpunk” world of haunted highways, urban decay, steampowered technology, populated by civilized monsters.

While Monstru does feature some fantastical technology (giant zeppelins, self-aware mechanical robots, eletromajik tools) it’s pretty similar to an over-industrialized Earth in about 1918.

It is a place with electricity and radio, indoor plumbing and crazy giant creatures,  intersected by hundreds of highways, interstates, and roads, where just about everyone lives in their car. And by “everyone,” I mean monsters.

The Monsters

There are 3 different classes of creatures that inhabit Monstru that are considered “civilized” folk:

Monsters – Beastial creatures with horns, teeth, and day jobs. There are many different kinds of Monsters, from Furnace Goblins to Wage Daemons, Trollla, Krampus, and Patchwork Wonders, and they are the most common class of creature in MONSTRU.

Automat – Machine based life forms; clockworks or steampunks. Short for “automaton,” most Automat were created long ago for the benefit of the Monsters and they include Halloween Golems, CrowBots, Mechans, and Halloween Golems.

Bloodless –  Haunts, zombies, and Feratu and Skells are beings that still dwell on the outskirts of MONSTRU society. They may be dead, but they still have jobs to do.


No real population of humans or “manlings” live in MONSTRU. The few that do, seem to slip through the crack in the center of the world. Long ago the Manlings warred with the Monsters, and were driven from the world. Today, Manlings are seen as legendary, frightening or comical beings.

Big Map

Map of Monstru

MONSTRU is currently ruled by a powerful nation known as the AUTHORITY. The AUTHORITY provides order, safety, joy, and stability, if you actually believe their propaganda. They rule MONSTRU with an iron fist through their use of massive CrowBot officers. MONSTRU is at war with CREATU, and an ally of LURSU, and it has always been this way.


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