Hey, welcome to Steam Crow and our Monster Commute comic. We’re glad you’re here.

Monster Commute is a comic about the hell that is driving , seen through the eyes of our main characters, Monster and Beastio. They drive in an old retired ice cream truck called the “Steam Crow” and they’re just trying to find their next meal and hopper of coal.

I’d really suggest starting at our first real story, called Kings of the Road. My first strips were an ill-fated attempt at gag-a-day writing; not terribly funny, but they do indicate a lot about our main characters.


Their world is called MONSTRU ([mon-strew], a monster-occupied world that is joined together by an endless tangle of freeways. MONSTRU is a post-industrial wasteland, over-populated and stuck in the middle of a 100 year Great Recession. Folks are just trying to survive.

MONSTRU is ruled by a fascist government called “The AUTHORITY“. Since a State is only as powerful as it’s police force, the Authority uses 30 foot tall robot crows to stomp their will on the people.

Why make a comic?

We started this comic in September 2008 after having a massive commute for 4 years on the tangled highways of Phoenix. Instead of losing our minds, we decided to make a comic as therapy. Today, we now work much closer to home, which allows us to maintain our rigorous 5 comic-a-week schedule.


Monster Commute is a Steam Crow production, run by Daniel and Dawna Davis. Steam Crow makes products, prints, art and stories about odd-monsters, and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

Daniel tends to do most of Monster Commute (art/writing) though Dawna helps plot out the stories and helps Daniel when he’s stuck.

You can read more about Daniel and Dawna here.


Utilizing secret vector skills Daniel learned off of an out-of-luck Tibeten monk, the Monster Commute is stamped out of our factory using only the power of steam and forbidden warlock Jazz.

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