So, I’ve been wanting to do a Monster Commute movie poster, since I started this adventure.

There is a romance and drama in good film posters. I’m not really talking about the Photoshoppy posters that dominate today. I’m talking about the fully illustrated film broadsides of yesteryear. You can’t beat the movie (and propaganda) posters from the 30’s-70’s. They were illustrated by hand, and really played up the myth of the film. Not only was the illustration quality great, but they were really designed too.

Trouble is, I couldn’t do a MonCom poster at first, because… I didn’t know enough about it yet. I didn’t really know who the villains were (beyond the CrowBots), and had no clue about Toni Oni, or Baba Jaga, or even Steam. (Well, I had a pretty good idea about Steam.) I didn’t really know where the story was going, so it simply wasn’t time.

So, just like you don’t illustrate a movie poster before you make the movie, you don’t make one based on your comic until you make some comics.

Monster Commute Vintage Movie Poster

Anyway, I wanted this art to evoke the 1930’s, as well as feature all of the main characters, some of the world, and some cars too. Importantly, I didn’t want to sell this as a “comedy.” At best, MonCom has evolved into a “dramady” or such. I dunno, but I’m certain that it’s not a slapstick comedy right now.

I’m pretty excited about how it turned out, as it was a real challenge. I generally don’t like “montage” images, but for this, it was a must. I fussed around with every detail for quite a while, and recolored every single element. (Every bolt, eyeball, wheel.)

This is going to be a future exclusive convention print, if all goes well. The print run details, and convention logo will be where the Steam Crow lights are shining.

I hope that you like it.

– Daniel