Korsk is a scum town, in coastal Goru Province. It’s dominated by no industry at all, and is where the Rigless tend to pile up like jetsam. Most folks wouldn’t realize that this place was anything more than a junkyard. There are few CrowBots here.

Korsk is connected to Blattmor through a collapsed Hellway overpass.


  • Smell: the sweet stank of garbage permeates everything in Korsk.

Places of note:

  • The Brass Bat – A small pub filled with toothless hobos and other unfortunates. The Muzz is cheap and cut with rubbing alcohol.
  • KEL-BAHZ Used Rigs – a 7 mile long outdoor parking lot, with very high prices and helpful Vendomat salesmen. Prices are high starting at the shiny opening, and diminish as the lot ends at the Great Junkyard.
  • The Great Junkyard – A massive  50 square mile mountain of trash. It is populated by scavengers, Junk Shaman, and flotsam miners.