There are five kinds of goblins in Monstru, and none of them seem to find any form of respect by monster or beast.

Generally, most folks are completely unaware that the goblins even exist. (Some say that they don’t even deserve a capital “b”, let alone a write-up in the annuals of history.)

  • Furnace goblins – Bred for their intellect and fear of larger creatures, the furnace goblin occupies the mechanical gearboxes and furnaces of 500 million monster motorcars. Surely, the most common goblin breed by any count, they are a hard-working folk.
  • Sewer gobs – Stinky, white skinned goblins that repair and maintain the vast under-Monstru sewer system. They have a great understanding of the Underdeep, and those that escape the Authority often work as lantern bearers and guides for deep walkers.
  • Sixers – The Authority relies on a undocumented (huge) number of goblins for the nation’s infrastructure. They are utilized by the Ministry of Six, which is responsible for all manner of  communications and data aggregation. Sixer goblins act as operators of technical communication systems, and are typically put to death after 6 years of service.
  • Rakers – The Rakers are used on the battlefront between Monstru and Creatu, raking the ground in search for mines. Sometimes Sixers become Rakers.
  • Red goblins – the only goblin race that hasn’t been tamed or binded into slavery the red goblins are crafty, dangerous, and luckily, few in numbers. They are known cannibals (of furnace goblins) and are famous for their illegal and secret Red Goblin Circus.

All goblin races speak Goblir, a rather chitty sounding tongue worthy of lowly slaves.