Free Monster Commute Papercraft car pdf. (4 megs. Requires assembly.)

So, I’ve been working on this surprise for you, for a long while now! Finally, after hours and hours of work, I got this papercraft car finished, and ready for you to put together.

It’s a cute and neat little thing, in honor of our Monster Commute Book II.

Those Patriots that pre-order the book before February 1st will get a professionally printed version of the car in their order! Printed on matte paper in fancy CMYK, your car will look especially sharp. (And won’t cost you expensive printer toner either.)

So, if you want me to send you a really nice printed steamcar, pre-order a book right now! I’ll try to throw in at least 2 for every order. If you’ve already pre-ordred, you of course get yours as well! (We wouldn’t punk a Patriot.)

At first we were going to make it an exclusive, but we decided to make a free print-it-yourself version too, as a free pdf. So heck, if you like it and appreciate it, you know what to do!

Free Monster Commute Papercraft car pdf. (4 megs. Requires assembly.)

Like most else that we do, let us know that you like it, and maybe we’ll do some more. Comments are currency, folks. (So are links.)

Anyway, enjoy your papercraft steampunk car, and after you make yours, take a photo and post it on our Facebook page!

Monster Commute Papercraft car

– Daniel