“Hello Troubadours! Welcome to Dungeontown.”

Dungeontown – A city in the midst of the Underdeep, where travelers and adventures can stock up, heal up, and make “friends”. Probably about as rough of town that you might find anywhere, including the troll-holds. It is also completely outside of the jurisdiction of the AUTHORITY, though there is a outlaw CrowBot there called “the Mayor” who dispenses his own form of the law.

Dungeontown is one of the only places to stock up on supplies anywhere in the Undereep, even though it’s costs are sky high.

It is “built” upon the ruins of one of the Gorgoth capitals, once known as “Shaya”, a city dedicated to the slave trade. It is in remarkable shape, as if the Gorgoth have just left the place, though tales recount that the Gorgoth left it a few centuries ago.


All manner of Monstrunians find themselves in Dungeontown; Mechans, Monsters, and especially the Bloodless. The sunless deeps of Dungeontown have allowed them to flourish as regular and equal citizens.

Dungeontown Slang

Dungeontown has it’s own slang, developed over years of isolation. Here are a few of the most common terms:

  • Innovic – A newcomer. An innocent. A potential victim.
  • Slave – A pal or chum. Based on the fact that all monsters used to be slaves of the Gorgoth overlords.
  • Jak – A real jerk.
  • Deep-Rig – An auto that is outfitted for dungeoneering in the underdeep. You can buy Deep-Rigs in Dungeontown, but they’re quite expensive.
  • Hed – One who is smart; a thinker.
  • Jak-Head – a wise ass.
  • Troubadour – A traveler; one who has been to Dungeontown and Topside.
  • Topside – The land above; the normal towns, cities, and highways above the Underdeep.