Dirk Circus
The Scoundrel”

Race: Mechan
The Fate Casino.
Fault: Gambling addiction.
Red Goblin Circus.
Upgrades: Cargo Claws

Dirk Circus is a gambler and ladies-Mechan, who is always looking for the fastest way to make a pile of CrowBucks with the least amount of work possible.

He appears as a standard Mechan, but with a large mechanical head (model: salesman 181) and 2 very large Cargo Claws with welding torches. This makes Dirk a very well prepared physical opponent.

He owns the Fate Casino (Dungeontown), the largest and most successful pit fighting arena in all of the UnderDeep. Dirk also owns StinkEye, a Mechan thrall built upon the frame of a Barondook Doom Tank. (Currently lost somewhere in the UnderDeep with a broken leg.)

Dirk encountered the Steam Crow Crew when they followed the Steam Crow Van being towed into the Fate. To get inside, Kip passed himself off as a pitfighter, and later defeated StinkEye with the use of the Dark Crown.

Recently Circus has been marketing his Deepwalker Rigs topside, to a ready and willing audience.

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