Since just about everyone lives in their car in MONSTRU (“Autolife”), only the most desperate and unfortunate people use taxi services. Car ownership is not only seen as a sign of prosperity, it is also an important attribute in citizenship; you’re expected to own, or be a co-owner, of a vehicle.

Taxi fares are fairly steep, though they vary greatly depending upon the taxi company’s need for cash. It is extremely important for those wishing taxi services to negotiate the price first, lest it change upon destination.

Out of 384 taxi companies surveyed, Dandy Cab was rated as “the most likely to feature driver violence” and “most likely to insist upon illegal activities” by Beast and Driver magazine.

Dandy Cab

However, they are still the most common and successful taxi company around, due to their business acumen: They make some great soup.

Due to “economic difficulties” 47 years ago, Dandy Cab began preparing and delivering soup to hungry travelers. If there were no passengers, the taxi could go about selling soup to lunchtime drivers. If there were passengers, offer them a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Dandy Cab taxi

This, along with weapon trafficking and doomshine runs, has enabled Dandy Cab to remain a viable, successful business.

Lesser known Dandy Cab facts:

  • Most Dandy Cabs have 3 furnace goblin workers: 1 shoveler, one mechanic, and one cook.
  • Soup is cooked directly on the furnace; excess heat (free) heats the bubbly broth.
  • Since the vehicle is not an official restaurant, no health license is required.
  • While the ride may be free, a bowl of soup may cost $300 crowbucks.
  • Favors are the most common payment method.
  • Dandy Cab is known to be involved in weapons trafficking; they bribe often bribe CrowBots with cheap, foreign-made weapons upgrades. (Lursu?)