So, here’s what my daily schedule looks like, trying to keep up with a daily webcomic and day job:

Current weekly schedule:

4:45 am – Dawna wakes me up
5:10 am – On the road to work (My turn to drive)
5:30 am – Try not to die merging on the South bound I-17
5:45 am – Eating breakfast in the car
6:05 am – at work, doing work
11:00 am – Lunch
4:30 pm – drive home (Dawna’s turn to drive)
5:00 – 5:30 am – writing 2 comic scripts on the drive home
6:00 pm – Home (gasp)
6:10 pm – Help make dinner OR check email
7:00 pm – Finishing dinner/hang with family
7:25 pm – Begin creating comic artwork
8:30 pm – Family goes to bed – Say goodnight
9 – 10:30 pm – Finishing up a single comic strip (Making web and eps versions)
10:30 – Sleep

So, it’s kinda intense for me to keep things rolling.

I’m trying my hardest to survive, but it often takes a lot of will to work and not just go to sleep.

I’m going to move to a weekly shipping schedule (Shipping on Saturday every week) so that we don’t mess this schedule up by going to the post office all of the time. When we do that, we’re not getting home until 7:00, and the whole thing get’s botched.

Certainly, I could have it way worse.  I DO get to work all day on Friday, so that’s a BIG help.  I’ve simply built this schedule into my life, the best that I may.

Sunday, I schedule the next weeks strips, and write all of the individual blog posts. Hopefully, I’ve gotten enough rest that this works out okay.

– Daniel