Summoned from the fires of damnation, the Daemon are a race that are stuck in MONSTRU, with no way back. Fragments of historical records indicate that “a dozen upon dozen daemon” were summoned by the Monstonian Sorcerer Hib, in an effort to create a brigade that would defeat Barondook in the Mighty War. In the end, the Daemon were difficult to command and only a few fought in the war. The rest scattered, ill-equipped to live in this new world.

Oddly, being born of Majik, the Daemon seem to have little ability to become warlocks themselves. They themselves can be summoned and sometimes manipulated by Magik, but not practitioners.

Most Daemons:

  • Are rarely found in MONSTRU
  • Have horns
  • Value independence
  • Age very, very slowly
  • Are maladjusted loners
  • Don’t fully understand how much of MONSTRU works
  • Have hooves
  • Are invulnerable to fire
  • Consider themselves visitors
  • Love drinking honey
  • Dislike Feratu
  • Enjoy eating sweets, once per day
  • Require air, water, salt
  • Sleep once per decade (for several years)

Some Daemons:

  • Like living in MONSTRU
  • Succeed with a Crew
  • Wear clothes of some sort
  • Resent being summoned
  • Would rather fight than talk