An early draft of the intro blurb from the intro of the (someday) Monster Commute RPG:

Steam driven cars churn across a sprawling and endless network of highways, seeking adventure while trying to avoid the greedy claws of the CrowBot government. The clockwork driver demands “MORE COAL!” as the iron van careens down the turnpike, only to meet a Hellbilly Troll roadblock.

Monster Commute RPG is a role-playing (RPG) game set in MONSTRU, the monsterpunk world of the Monster Commute web-comic. It features odd creatures, mechanical foes, and grim adventure in a dystopian Halloween world of wonder. It is a strange place, but instantly recognizable with many of the familiar trappings of the early 20th Century Earth. (I try to keep technology at about a 1919 level, though it does vary quite a bit.)

MONSTRU is inspired by the steampunk and diesel-punk movement, the Wonderful Wizard of OZ (the book), early 20th century Americana, Halloween, the World Wars, propaganda, Road Warrior, Route 66 and George Orwell’s 1984. It can be a dark and grim place, but one also filled with the bonds of friendship, adventure, and ultimately, survival. While it’s a strange melange of flavors, it somehow makes perfect sense to my twisted imagination. Just know that I’ve built this world through my sincere personal interest; I’ve also done my best to avoid “the cheese” wherever possible. You will not find elven biker gangs, Halfling cooks, or billowy bards here; this is a different flavor of fantasy; something that I call “Monsterpunk.”

– Daniel