Patriot Mister Ethan asks:

I dig your palettes. I know you’re a fan of Mucha- any other artist’s who have inspired you with their choice of colors?

Hmmm… good question.

Here’s a list of color influences for my art:

  • Alphonse Mucha, as Ethan mentions
  • Dave Stewart’s coloring of Hellboy
  • Vintage WWI propaganda posters – often the desaturated versions.
  • The Arts and Crafts movement (Flat, earthy colors.)
  • Circus posters
  • Surprising color combinations (Not really an influence, but something I like doing sometimes.)

Before Monster Commute, I tried to use only flat colors, with very few gradients. However, I found that to be very limiting, especially when I was attempting to paint a world. Often, a gradient is the best way to depict distance, smoke, fog, light, Haunts, or other such things.

I’ve also been influenced a bit by Chicano art, like it or not. The sunsets here are vibrant, and I can’t help but think that some of those pink skies that you’re seeing in Monstru are because of what I see here myself, with my own eyes.

Lately, I’ve been desaturating my colors more on purpose; things got all rainbow bright here a year so ago, and I’m bringing them back into shape once again.

Thanks for the question, Patriot Ethan!

Who’s got the next one? Ask me about Monstru! Or Steam Crow! Or something!

– Daniel