This is where the journey begins.

Endless traffic in a monster world. Halloween on wheels, punctuated by the steampunk scents of oil, smoke, and hot steam filling the cab.

We’ll be outfitting you with a new Monster Commute comic, Monday through Friday.


My family and I carpool together, here in Phoenix, Arizona. (3 hours a day is pretty normal.)

We’ve spent the last few years feeling like we’re living in our car. It’s sometimes been scary (that one time we got run off of the 101), often frustrating (wanting to throw my shoe at the police helicopter), and occasionally interesting to watch life on the serpent highway.

I’ve had to add this situation to the mythology of my brain, and see if I could use this situation into something that would keep me out of the local asylum. (Web comic counseling?)

Now, when I look over the ever blazing highway, I try to look for story ideas, instead of a place to jump out of my moving car.

Welcome to my hellway highway.

– Daniel