Once upon a time there was this Troll who met this Nymph, and they both played in punk/metal bands.

They started dating, and though their bands died, their relations did not and they got married. Things were not always simple or easy, but it seemed to work out just fine.

Instead of having wolves as pets they decided to have a child, whom they dubbed the “goblin boy”. The Goblin was small and ginger and liked to slap his belly and laugh. He also made up his own words for things, like “Wasaigah!”

Later, the Troll and the Nymph decided to move away from their homeland, to a scary new desert. The Troll thought that it might be nice to shake things up, as his head was getting lazy and cloudy. The Nymph agreed, and they moved across the country in their wagon.

It was hot there, and all of the people hid inside far away from the evil sun. (That is a different story.)

Eventually, the Troll took the Nymph to a crazy nerd convention, and the Nymph had the idea to start making books and monstery stuff. The Troll thought about it, and realized that he didn’t need any crown or magical blessing from mythical creatures, and they founded Steam Crow.

“Steam Crow” was named after a big steampunk scarecrow that the Troll like to tell stories about.

They started making books, prints, buttons and MNSTR bags. They started selling them at comic conventions and on the interwebs. The Troll started to be less angry as he realized that people liked his creations.

Steam Crow didn’t become an instant hit like other teen sensations, but they did slowly make friends with people (townies) and they supported the Troll and the Nymph by buying their humble offerings and offering words of encouragement. These folks were good.

Slowly Steam Crow grew and grew, until boxes and crates of products filled out half of their house. The Troll always had inspiration for new things to make, and so he designed them like mad. Sometimes the Nymph had to guide the Troll into making things that other people might actually like.

The Troll knew that he wanted to create things for Steam Crow with all of his time, but first he had to teach more and more people about Steam Crow, which he did a little bit, every day. The Nymph agreed, and made sandwiches for the Troll and the Goblin Boy.

The Troll also realized that he needed some help from the people that did know about Steam Crow, and he asked them to tell others about it, too.

The Troll called these people “The Steam Crow Army” or “Steam Crew” for short.

The Troll really appreciated and liked these folks, and would hug them all, except he would break all of their arms and spines on accident.

Well that, and some just people don’t like hugging trolls.

– The Troll