Things I’d do if there were a sudden zombie outbreak.

Let’s assume that the highways are blasted with 5 million other people trying to do the same thing. It’s pretty likely that any emergency that PHX has the highways would be jammed.

  1. I’d do whatever I could to team up with my family. Separation + zombies = trouble.
  2. I’d gather up water. A lot of water. Living in Phoenix, water is life.
  3. I don’t think that central services would last long, and we’d soon be without water or electricity. So, I’d use a tarp to try to make a solar still out of our pool.
  4. If it were safe enough (and it wouldn’t be) I might attempt to go raid the neighborhood grocery store. But, that would be a bad idea.
  5. I’d make a simple solar oven out of cardboard, black spraypaint and a sheet of glass from a framed print.
  6. Mostly, I’d try to lay low, and quietly attempt to survive.

I live in the Burbs, so there isn’t anywhere that’s fantastic to hide out. Walmart is about it.

I’m not loving this plan, so help a fella out: What should I do to survive the zombie uprising?

Assume it’s me, my wife, and our 7 yr old son, and we’re stuck in the suburbs in far Northwest Phoenix.

– Daniel