Growing up in Deer Park, Washington, every other car seemed to wave when you’d pass them in your car.

It just seemed like the “neighborly” thing to do, and everybody did it. Especially in the Williams Valley area, that I lived; Pass a car, expect a wave.

As a teen, I thought that it was fairly lame. “In SPO-kane”, nobody waved”, I thought. Still, I’d raise a few fingers off of the steering wheel, and say “hey there”. After I got used to the idea, it wasn’t so bad.

Now that I live in a region of millions, I have to admit that I miss the old “Deer Park Wave”.

Heck, when I let somebody merge into my lane, I expect a little wave. (C’mon, give it to me.) Here in Phoenix, that pretty much never happens.

Currently, I make it a point to wave at other humanz in exactly 2 situations:

  1. When I merge and somebody has generously let me in, I give the car the “thank you” wave. I can’t help it.
  2. When I’m driving with co-workers, I randomly wave at people walking down the street, to shock them. (The co-workers and the pedestrians).

I know, it’s kinda dumb. But it IS fun. It’s sort of like a game.

Especially because if you’re walking down the street in 115 degree heat, you’re basically dying with each and every step. These people need to keep their spirits up. You’re helping them survive until they reach some safe, air conditioned location.

So, today I ask you try one of these things:

  1. Wave at a random pedestrian. (But don’t wave at people who look like they’d like to fight/shoot/stab you. Focus on the tired ones.)
  2. Wave at a car when they let you merge or let you in. Just a “hey” wave will do.
  3. Be kind in your car. Drive Good.

– Daniel

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: Steam Crow LLC is not responsible for any bad things that might happen while waving from your vehicle. Keep your eyes on the road. Brake when necessary. Road rage is bad. Avoid bad things.