Halloween Golems

Halloween Golems were created in the frontier times, when the lands of MONSTRU were wild and untamed. They were initially called “Farm Golems” but the name never really stuck and they’ve been known as “Halloween Golems” ever since.

The Halloween Golems were created to assist borderland farmers to bring in the first harvests by Halloween. They were also created to help clear the wilderness of forests, so that the beasts that resided within could be driven away and roads and settlements could be brought in. They are good at general farming and rather excellent woodsmen, able to split 8 cords of wood per day with very little effort.

All in all, they were very successful and important to the early development of MONSTRU.

A century later, the land was cleared and there seemed to be little use for these farmhands any longer. Initially they were drafted into a fighting force, though they were largely ineffective  due to their inability to participate in large mobile efforts.

Some were sent to scrap heaps while most of the others were converted into mobile vending machines.


The Farm Golems were invented by genius inventor Mig Nola a few years after his creation of the “Machine Man.” The first set of 8 prototypes were very promising and quite efficient, though they were prone to “malfunction” and one destroyed an entire village in in a single insane attack. (The flesh forest.) This flaw (insanity) weighed heavily on Nola’s conscience; he rounded up 5 of the 8 and had them reduced to scrap metal. The other 3 were never located.

The accident was kept under wraps, allowing for the Mark II Farm Golems to become a success.

– Monstru Public Library