If you recall, all Monster Commute RPG skills fall under one of three categories: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Here is our initial list of Spirit skills:

Spirit Skills

Spirit represents the guts, the chutzpah and the power of the character’s personality. Skills that require sensitivity and heart fall into this area. Spirit is also the very source of Majik manipulation.

Acting (Spirit) – The art of performing stage productions and radio shows as a performer.

Art (Spirit) – You understand how to produce aesthetic works in a medium such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography etc. (Choose one focus.)

Bluff (Spirit) – The ability to lie effectively, without showing signs of the deception.

Dance (Spirit) – You are able to move your body to music, in a pleasing way. A bygone skill of the wealthy.

Forgery (Spirit) – You know how to create fake official documents, such as deeds, wills, and CrowBucks.

Play Instrument (Spirit) – You are able to perform works of music with a specific instrument such as the fiddle, banjo, saw, or clockwork dulcimer. (Choose one instrument.)

Speak Authorine [a-THOR-ahyn] (Spirit) – The language of the Authority Party, spoken by CrowBots and internal government workers. It is brutal, to the point, and fairly harsh. It is also the language of the legal system.

Speak BarterKant (Spirit) – This is an informal dialect of Monston, focused entirely on trade and barter. It has it’s own vocabulary, insults, and power words. Doing business on the Black Top Market is easily done in Monston, but the best deals are charmed through BarterKant.

Speak CorpTalk (Spirit) – You know how to speak the basic language of business, making you less likely to be questioned in business environments and allowing you to understand business briefs.

Speak Goblir
(Spirit) – The common language of goblin slaves, it is an unworthy language for civilized folk. There is no written form of this language. Most Crews know a few commands in Goblir.

Speak Gobmit (Spirit) – What? You didn’t even want to speak Goblir, you sicko. Gobmit is a secret goblin language that only gob-lovers would learn. Goblins don’t share Gobmit with outsiders.

Speak Monston (Spirit) – You speak the common tongue of most monsters. It is the most widespread language throughout the 5 Provinces, and is the prime language of the Monstru. (Secret: it’s theĀ  language of old Monstonia.)

Speak Tok (Spirit) – The language of the Clockworkers is Tok. It sounds like various clicks, ticks, taps, and rings. It is a very difficult language for non-Automats to learn or speak. (-1)

Haggle (Spirit) – You know how to argue to get the best prices for food and equipment.

(Spirit) – A perception skill based upon your ability to hear.

Look (Spirit) – The ability visually assess the situation and/or to spot something that is hidden. A general visual perception skill, everyone should have Look unless they’re blind.

Nightvision (Spirit) – The ability to see in the dark. (A free skill for the Krampus race.)

Scavenge (Spirit) – The skill of finding useful items withing common trash.

Singing (Spirit) – The talent to entertain or tell tales through a melodious song.

Smell (Spirit) – A perception skill keyed to the detection of fragrances and pheromones via the nose. (Automats are unable to use this skill.)

Sneak (Spirit) – You can move about undetected by using shadow and a light step, to your advantage.

Speak Trollspek (Spirit) – You understand the guttural tongue of Trolls, and you can communicate with them. It has also evolved into the primary language of smugglers.


Okay, so what am I missing? I’m certain that this isn’t complete.