I’ve always loved tanks.

As a kid, I had a few metal tanks that would shoot these plastic missles. I’ve actually got them around here, somewhere. They’re all beat to hell though. I’d set them up with army men, and destroy countless wooden block castles.

I don’t know exactly what I like about them, but I like that they are little fortresses on wheels/tracks. The DaVinci tank is pretty amazing too. I saw a really nice model of one at a science exhibit in Portland years ago. Splendid. We need some of those.

Once I discovered what WWI tanks looked like, it sort of blew my mind. Some are miniature tanks, while others are massive with the over-the-top treads and side turrets.
So very cool.

And by “cool,” I mean that they’re neat but I’m really thankful I don’t have to sit in one. Can you image how loud those old ones were? It’s gotta be crazy.

For the MIGHTY WAR, I think that those tanks needed to be huge lumbering iron men. (But that’s because I love iron golems.)

I also picture most autos in MONSTRU to be tank-like. They’re certainly armored.

– Daniel