Discovered in the Vhil ruins 74 years ago, the Pirshire Urns have been a constant source of public interest.

Then we discovered that many of them housed bloodless spirits quite unlike any known Haunt, and folks wanted to know more about these odd “antiques”.

Here’s what we do know:

  • The Pirshire region is known for it’s fantastic ruined Pyramids. (And Carnivals)
  • The urns were discovered as several pyramids were being deconstructed for building materials. After some “incidents”, this practice has been halted.
  • These urns were likely buried and mummified remains of some tomb guardians, or some now extinct race of creature. They are unlike any known cats.
  • They seem to be akin to very large creatures, with big ears. (Bunny? We’re not sure.)
  • Around 500 urns were “obtained” from the ruins; there were far more that were destroyed by cave-ins.
  • It is illegal to transport Pirshire Urns over any State bridges, or to bring them into Lincoln City.
  • Mystery Mart is proud to offer them to astute collectors, for a mere $900 each.

Accept no cheap, plaster imitation. You deserve to own a real, Pirshire Urn of your own. They look dashing on the dashboard!

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