Patriot Dakota asks:

Does Monstru have any form of social networking? How are civilized monsters supposed to stay in touch without Facebook and Twitter? LOL!

Well, since Monstru is circa 1918 dieselpunk or so there’s certainly not much in the way of online communication. Heck, only the Authority has dedicated radio lines for communication so far. Phones? No way.

But yes, there are some other ways for beasts to stay in touch.

Message bats.

Yep, pay a fee (or better yet own your own) and a bat will take your message to whomever it has previously smelled. It’s not easy work, and sometimes it takes months for the bat to arrive, but it works.

Reliability: Low. Cost: Low.

Goblin Post.

Letters, letters! Carried by foul goblin slave runners. They tend to drive pedaled message trikes in teams of a dozen. Works pretty well, though you can count on the Authority reading all of it. Also, mail must be picked up at a pre-destined mail station rather than personal delivery to your vehicle. (Though that too is possible for a fee.)

Reliability: Medium. Cost: Low-medium.

Monster Talkers.

Think of your classic Ouiga board, but imagine them in pairs. Basically, a plank of wood, cut into to facing pieces, and enchanted so that one can move the pointer from one letter to another. The Authority has been known to burn these whenever they find them.

Reliability: Good. Cost: High.

The Tube system.

These are used by the Authority to move documents from one place to another, since radios are still new and expensive. Basically, there is a network of pipes below much of Monstru, linking one Celebration Hall and Escape Station to another. And yes, they can be hacked, though they’re not terribly useful for the mobile beast.

Reliability: Good. Cost: Very high, and dangerous.

These are certainly not the only ways… Don’t get me started on the Factory Underground’s methods.

– Daniel