I like how these car wash/oil change centers attempt to sell you additional services.

I can’t blame them, as I’ve got a business that I’m trying to grow, too. Add-on sales, really help, believe me.

However, there’s something a little ugly about pushing people with an endless hard-sell. (And maybe why I’m not that successful of a businessman… yet.)

No lie, the last time I got my oil changed, and I balked at the deluxe car wash, the windshield replacement, and the full-fluid flush, they offered me $3.00 deluxe wheel waxing. Wheel waxing?

And, like Machine… I took it. I bit. I’m not so sure why. I could give a rip about my wheel wax properties. I think that I was just tired of saying “no” over and over again. (Social Pressure – note to self.)

I try not to think about it too much, lest my self-esteem sticks to the bottom of my shoe… permanently.

And no, I won’t be hard selling you when I see you at that next convention.

My goal isn’t to make you feel like a schmuck… it’s the opposite.

– Daniel