Mister Hicks is named after a couple of friends of ours… James and Rebecca Hicks, of Lunasea Studios.

Rebecca does a comic and series of books called Little Vampires. While James doesn’t draw, he’s a big part of Lunasea too, traveling to cons and helping organize everything, as well as making products. Don’t let his t-shirt fool you; James is no “Talentless Hanger-on.”

The Hicks are super-cool people who are sincere, friendly, and good folks. And they play D&D, which means I like them even more.

We met them at least a few years ago, at some convention somewhere. Maybe it was the San Diego Comic-Con? I really have no idea, as we see them at every single comic convention we do.

You see, the Hicks are the hardest working people in indie press that I know. When I was whining about having 5 events in October, the Hicks have been doing 2-5 events every month this year. They’ve been running like this for the last couple of years now. It boggles the mind.

Anyway, there’s the story of Mr. Hicks name. Keep in mind if Mr. Hicks turns out to be a very bad Feratu, the inspiration was just the name.

– Daniel