Ice cream is good.

It’s one of those few things that can actually make driving better.

While I don’t get to have ice cream in the car each and every time that I do drive,  I think that it would be probably be a good idea.

Heck, we ought to utilize some of that friction that the car churns out while flying down the road at 83 to make some home-made ice cream.

I’m certain that a fresh ice cream maker attached to every American car produced in 2010 would totally save the US Automotive Industry.

BAM! Economy saved!

I don’t know what it would look like, but it would probably resemble a wooden bucket with a crank on top, connected to a leather belt of some sort, that went into the engine or to one of your unused tires. This could be mounted on either the front or back of your vehicle, driver’s choice.

Then, as you drove, it would churn delicious home-made ice cream for you to eat. (Have you ever had home-made ice cream? It’s like frikkin’ licking the moon, it’s SO good!)

The idea is sort of like those “engine roasts” that they suggested that we all do in the 70’s to make a good home cooked meal while on your road trip. (Basically, you take a raw roast, some vegis, and wrap them in foil and then put them on your oily engine block while you drove across the country. The engine heat was supposed to cook it all up.)

Well, it’s kinda like that, but just the opposite. Ice cream is cold!

Let’s not over think this, Detroit! Just do it. We must have Car Cream! We demand it!

Stand with me, sister.

– Daniel