I don’t know about you, but my car gets dirty. Really dirty.

If you have kids, then you might have experienced the Sugar Barnacles; you likely know what I’m talking about. Our son is great, but he generates a sticky, gritty substance that adheres to everything!

It’s not that we’re just sloppy… we just don’t seem to care so much that our car is a pit. If I were rich, or at least wealthy enough to have a personal servant, I’d let them clean the car.

Trash Car

Photo from Flickr

So yeah, maybe I’m just lazy. I do have a lot that I do that comes far before cleaning the car, and that’s likely to stay that way for a while…. my whole life, prolly.

Are you a neat freak? How do you keep your car clean? Do you have any cleaning tips?

Boy, I could sure use them.

And yes, we DO that oil change/clean your car thing; it helps, just a little.

– Daniel