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Dawna and I have been rushing to finish up everything for the SDCC trip. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • I designed a dozen new buttons
  • We’ve stamped out 2000 (!) buttons with the help of Dirk and Jenni – family+friends
  • Reorganized the button display and storage. 79 buttons/pins are now available.
  • I’ve designed a bunch of new prints – Mostly big prints, and some mini’s too. 3 new Wonderful Wizard of OZ prints, for some reason.
  • I designed the Battletown t-shirt. It’s ready for the show.
  • I designed and submitted (and got approved) our SDCC exclusive print
  • We’ve set up the display in the living room, and we’re making adjustments to it
  • I’ve added some lights to the display as well. They should work out.
  • We’ve designed and ordered an ONI ONI Mart tote. Should be here today.
  • Ordered 5000 new cards. They may/may not arrive in time from Hong Kong.
  • I’ve made a 5-6 Magic Ticket items; I still need to frame them though.
  • Dawna is in the process of making MNSTR Bags. Purple, Blue, White, Black are mostly done. Still need to hit brown, red, and tan. She can hand-finish about 2 per day. Hard work.
  • I’ve sent press releases to about 25 sites. We’ve been picked up in about 4.
  • I’ve been working hard to communicate to YOU, our patrons, about what we’ve been doing.
  • Designed 2 stencils for some canvas military/art bags. Only 2 bags are done. Will try to do more.
  • Found a solution for our mini-prints, though it’s kinda overkill for the number of minis that we offer. I’m trying to make a few more designs to bulk it up.

So, a lot is done, but we’ve got an awful lot more to do. It’s like the last mile in a marathon… this is the stuff that matters.

Luckily, we started the run in April.

– Daniel