This concludes my week away from home, pre-comic posting system.

Hopefully, it all worked without me botching some important detail, to keep you rolling in fresh Monster Commute comics.

I usually just post the night before, just to make sure everything is Kosher, which also gives me a chance to think a little bit about my daily blog posts.

This time, I sat down and did all five at once, which explains why I’m so dog tired by the time I got to this one.

Part of my experiment is to also see if I can build some new comics on the road, too. My buffer is oh-so-thin, so I’d best be knocking out some new work in my evenings in Spokaloo.

Usually, Monday-Friday, I’ve been making new comics to replace the ones that have gone up. That works fine, until life gets in the way. I don’t want that to happen, so I’ve got to work on that buffer.

Other things I’m currently working on:

  • New 2009 convention display (Monster Commute flavor)
  • New 2009 Monster Commute products
  • New 2009 sales flyer (I gotta get crackin!)
  • New online store
  • Finishing up
  • Monthly taxes (yay)

And, I’m trying not to get sick so I have all of this done by the upcoming Phoenix Comicon! (Which means that I still need time to sleep.)

– Daniel