I’ve been thinking a lot about Family this weekend, as I just spent a weekend with Dawna’s clan in Tucson.

So, I spend an awful lot of time on creating this comic, and making stuff for Steam Crow, and planning conventions, and doing marketing stuff, and posting on Twitter, doing taxes, and all of that. And yeah, combined with my full-time job, I’m basically working just about every moment which I’m awake.

Some might think it’s because I’d like to get away from my family (wrong) or that I’m some kind of  sup-par father (certainly my deepest fear, but hopefully not true.) But really, it’s for something/one entirely else:

My family.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to be seen as “lazy” by my hard working mom or (ghost) father, or maybe it’s because I really want my son to have a legacy of artifacts and stories to explore over and over, when I myself am a ghost. God knows that the relics and stories of past generations are amazingly easy to lose track of.

I do know that my love for my wife/son/mom/Clan Lamfers drives me to create, and that it’s the foundation to what keeps me going. And I want nothing more than to not disappoint them.

One idea behind all of this is that maybe someday I won’t have to work 2 fulltime jobs (day/Steam) and then I can simply work 1.5 jobs and have more time for them. (And a much happier Daniel at that!)

Anyway, I was just thinking about all of this, and thought that I’d blurt it out.

Why do you do what you do?