It’s crazy-hot time, here in Arizona. Technically, it’s the monsoon season, where we’ve often recieved afternoon storms and rain, that help cool things off a little. (And provide some much needed relief.)

Unfortunately this year, we’ve had no such respite from the epic summer. We’ve not had a lick of rain, and it’s been… endlessly hot.

So, instead of heating up food in our oven (which seems SO counterintiutive) I’ve built a very makeshift solar oven.

No, it doesn’t have hyperbolic lenses or anything like that; it’s made simply from an auto shade reflector. In some parts of the world, this may not be enough to heat up a marshmallow, but here in Phoenix, it works pretty well.

I get get to 150 degress with ease, and if I watch the thing, I can maintain 200 degrees just fine. I’m going to have to refine the design and do more to get to the desired 300-350 range.

However, I’m confident that it can be done.

Right now, I’m baking some potatos. They should be done by now. Last I checked, they were at 200 degrees.

How have you used the sun, recently?

– Daniel