Here are some things that I hope to be working on in 2010. Yeah, I know, 2010 is already well started, but I figure I might as well tell you what I’m working on.

  1. More Monster Commute – Yeah, I’m going to try to keep comics rolling out all year.
  2. Redesign of the website. I need to upgrade my comic manager, and clean some house.
  3. Steam Crow Show – I’m going to try to do some (weekly?) VodCasts, once I’m unburied.
  4. Work on the Monster Commute RPG – I have 2 business trips planned, which are ideal for writing. I doubt it’ll get finished this year, but at least I want to get it fleshed out.
  5. Play some Monster Commute RPG – When? I dunno. But I’ve got some local players lined up. It’ll happen this year or I’m throwing my dice into the sea.
  6. Maybe another Monster Commute volume at the end of the year. Depends on how Book 1 does. I have enough content for 5 more books in any case.

Here are some things I’d love to see from you in 2010:

  1. Keep commenting. This helps remind me that I’m not trapped in a van somewhere.
  2. Do a review of MonCom on your blog, or do a little post about us.
  3. Link us up on your site.
  4. Dress up like one of our characters at a con or Halloween. (Send me photos.)
  5. Make your own Monster Commute toy conversions. (Send me photos.)
  6. Do some fan art, and send it in! (Send photos.)
  7. Send in some questions, so I can do a Letters section on the VodCast.
  8. Take photos with our products, and send them in.
  9. Review our products!