Guest Strip by Rebecca Hicks of Little Vampires.

I met Rebecca and her Husband James on the con circuit, and we became fast friends. The Hicks are just good, no-nonsense folks, and James is a mighty eater. (And they’re gamers too!)

Mr. Hicks (the friendly Feratu) was named after Rebecca and James Hicks. No lie. I did it on purpose.


I am Patriot Rebecca Hicks, and I’m a writer and artist. I created the Little Vampires, who live in a world just left of Monstru at

My vehicle of choice is a blue Mini Cooper, and though it doesn’t look armored, it is secretly a tank. I work from home, so I no longer have a Monster Commute, but I relish all opportunities to tool around in my little blue tank. I love to drive, especially in the mountains. The more it’s like a video game, the more I like the drive.

When I’m not writin’ and artin’ or drivin’, I ponder life’s deepest questions. One such question is which is better: pie or cake? The question is not whether pie is better than cake, or cake is better than pie. The question is why aren’t you eating Derby Pie right now? Derby Pie is the mostest superior of all desserts. And I bake a mean Derby Pie.

I’ve been into comic books and comic strips since I was a wee reader, so I got into the comic business as a fan first. When my friend Randy self-published a comic in the universe he had dreamed up in his skully skull, I decided that it was time to go from fan to writer. So I wrote and self-published Project Elohim to serve as part of Randy’s Strange Matter Universe. But then I had this idea for Little Vampires . . .

What’s next for me is more coffee. Because without coffee, I could not continue to develop the world of the Little Vampires. I could not continue to create art prints. And I could not return to writing Project Elohim, which has been put on hiatus while I developed Little Vampires.

I have been a Monster Commute fan since the first vroooom of its engine. I am far more like Beastio than I care to admit. We share a love of food-on-a-stick. I actually like sticks, whether they have food on them or not. Wands are sticks, pencils are sticks, and I like wands and pencils. And trees are really just big sticks, like mountains are just big rocks. And I love trees.

As a member of the secret Factory Rebellion . . . wait, now it’s not a secret. As a member of the no-longer-secret Factory Rebellion, I would fight a CrowBot by covering my Mini Cooper with mirrors and driving in circles around the CrowBot. Crows can’t resist something shiny. This would result in the CrowBot running in circles in a vain attempt to get the shiny thing, and it would fall down dizzy. Victory!

– – –

Thanks, Rebecca!

– Daniel