So, I had a post written for this, when the phone rang. This for some $(*& reason knocks out my internet connection.

Panicking (realizing that I had not saved my work), I tried to save my work. I was hoping that it would somehow beat the phone connection from killing the internets.

Well, that failed. I lost the last 40 minutes of writing.

I’m livid. In fact, I’m so very angry that I don’t feel like writing another word about the previous subject at all (Shogun Warrior toys) since I felt like it was a pretty good post. (!!!)

So instead, you just get ANGRY DANNY GARRRRRRAHHHHHH!!!!

Right now, I feel like Machine looks in the third panel. But more on the red horns.

And yes, I know I should probably be writing in a word processing program. Sure, I should also be flossing every 2 hours, saving rare penguins from extinction, and putting every penny I can find into gold, GOLD I TELL YOU!

I don’t do lot’s of things I should, and neither do you. (See that? That’s the “Machine” in me talking. Lookout!)

Okay, I’ve agreed to let the anger course out of my viens in the next 4 to 60 hours or so, as long as I don’t think another bit about that *#&&%#!!! post.

– Daniel