Monstru (the World of the Monster Commute) is a little odd.

In many ways, it’s a world just like our own. There, they drive cars, have jobs, and use electricity, and eat at scummy world-wide fast food chains.

But in this case, the “they” are monsters. So the world isn’t all the same.

Monstru is far more ugly with more exposed circuitry, cables, cast iron cars, garish advertising, and really rotten beasts.

Monstru is also more beautiful, with insane landscapes, crystal sugar vistas, and creatures that will give you the shell off of their back.

It’s a handful of the familiar with a cup of the unexpected.

I’ve created fictitious worlds before, and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing for my whole life.

Here, it’s been really satisfying, as I’ve never done it in any sort of pictorial way; I wrote most of the world, and illustrated just a little.

Now, I’m creating AND illustrating the whole of Monstru, and I love it.

You’ll be seeing more of Monstru, most likely from the window of our favorite old ice cream truck.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride, too.

– Daniel