Spent a busy weekend in Sedona here, last weekend.

Dawna’s brother Dirk just got married to Jenni, and Dawna and I were asked to photograph the event.

Dawna was the prime photographer, as she’s more experienced than I am. I acted as the secondary photographer, and shot with a wide-angle lens and tried to capture the overall atmosphere of the event, the big outdoor scenes, and side-shots of the main photography.

(What I mean by that is that while Dawna might be facing the couple straight on and photographing them, I might be on the backside in an alcove getting them in silhouette or from behind.)

In any case, we were in a mega-rush, and lost a good hour of our planned 2 hrs of photography due to a flower crisis. This doubling up of everything at least allowed for a few additional shots that Dawna just didn’t have time to get, or to offer some other angles of things. In short: choices.

The nice thing is that Dawna and I have worked together quite a bit over the years, and it felt just like old times to work on this. She might be in front of me, and I’d be hovering just over her shoulders taking a wide-angle view of the same thing. So that was good.

Anyway, you probably won’t see Steam Crow brand wedding photography in the near future; we had a great time, but still like making monsters the best.

– Daniel