Ah yes, Abraham Lincolnstein is the (friendly?) leader/dictator of the Authority, the current “government” of our little monster world of Monstru.

(While Lincolnstein is not exactly as charming or warm as this world’s Abe Lincoln, he does share a passing resemblance to our favorite President.)

Fact 1: Lincolnstein’s face is emblazoned on all the Authority money, from the lowly .02 cent bill, to the wonderous $300 bill.

Fact 2: We’re pretty sure that if Lincolnstein is alive, he’s a golem. (And in that case, he’s not really very alive.)

Fact 3: Lincolnstein can throw your car 800 meters.

Fact 4: Lincolnstein is now mostly wood, copper rods, iron tacks, and shoe-maker’s glue.

Fact 5: Lincolnstein is Law. Don’t you forget it.

– Daniel