Baba Jaga
“The Crone”

Race: Peerless
Bounty Witch.
Deepwalker Hut.
Other folk.
Eternal Grudge: Chadworth

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Baba Jaga is an infamous Bounty Witch (hag) known throughout the 5 Provinces of Monstru. She’s known to always get her man, and has bagged more than 300 bounties in the last century. While she is a free-agent, she works most often for the Authority capturing unPatriots of all sorts.

Jaga was once engaged to manling Chad Worth who was subsequently shanghaied into the Mighty War which lasted another 50 years. Left on the alter, she never forgave him.

Her home (and prized possession) is her Deepwalker Hut; it is an all metal vehicle that strides the road on 2 huge metal chicken legs. It is strong enough to tear up CrowBots, though the Authority lists her as “not worth arresting at this time.” Those that enter the hut are most likely going to become a roast dinner.


  • Yaga is incredibly rich, and knows the source for a long forgotten treasure.
  • The Yaga is a serial killer, and she abducts children in every city she visits.
  • She is a powerful soothsayer, and can read the future by spinning bones. (Dice)
  • She was born of cursed earth, which is why she stands in a weird flower pot. She can never step out of it.
  • Her hands are powerful enough to tear a Trolla into many small pieces.