“I don’t think to much about it, but AutoLife is as natural as anything else. People love to hunt and gather, so it is pretty easy to move from one place to another, looking for work, safety, or love.

– Anonymous driver

Monstru is horribly overpopulated.

It started a few generations ago, and has continued to grow like crazy! Many blame the Furnace Goblin Slavery Mating Act, which allowed broods of goblins to exceed 12 per year. (Allowing owners to make even more $$$.) Others blame the trolls, who’s idea of birth control is hitting children with a stick.

The cities are massively overcrowded, and the waiting list to find traditional housing is decades long. After a while, people just gave up.

Since much of the world is a wasteland, people have been forced to live in their cars. Today, a good 80% of the population lives in their car, and is in a perpetual state of “commuting”. Most vehicles have a tiny bathroom and a glove-box-kitchenette, and these types of services are very common on the roads of Monstru.

AutoLife has had some surprising effects on the world;
– Workers are more transient than ever, often working a new job for just a few days before moving on.
– Home now equals your vehicle… not so much a town or city.
– People have banded together in small social groups to “carpool” together. They’re much like extended families.
– Autolife has become the standard culture; it’s rare to meet anyone who rent apartments anymore, though there are millions who do.
– Because of the size of the highway system, the population has risen even faster since there is/was even more room there.
– Cities have ever-changing reputations as one boom-town leads to bust, and another is born again. Fortunes change in an instant, as does the traffic getting to the next opportunity.
– Cars are perceived as individuals as well. (Not your car, but that car out the window. He CUT YOU OFF!)